Yes! If you need your dog walked we will provide a 15-30 minute walk.  We also provide an hour visit, 30 minute walk and 30 minute play time with the pet sitter.

Yes, that is the only way we will do any type of business with a new client. We want to make sure you, the client and your pet(s) feel comfortable with us.

We always call, text, or email the client on a regularly basis. We love to send text updates with pictures of their pets, and assure that their furry family member is having fun and safe time with us!

We will send you emails every other day along with pictures to assure everything is going well. You can always have a close friend or family member check in with us too.
For emergencies – Prior to the meet and greet we ask you to fill out a pet information sheet with their vet info, and emergency clinic. We ask to have your Credit Card on file at the clinic.
You must provide additional contacts in case of an emergency. Example: Neighbor, family member or friend that you trust.

Yes, we do. We pet sit 365 days a year. If you book us in 6 months advance then we do not charge you for a holiday fee.
We will charge for last minute request for a holiday. It’s my way of rewarding my pet sitters who are giving their time during a holiday to care for your pet(s).

Yes we sure do! We will visit your cat(s), spend some quality time with them and make sure your feline friend will have food, fresh water and a clean litter box!

Staying over night with the pet(s).

We ALWAYS have a solution for that, which we will discuss in the first meet and greet with new clients. 

Of course you may! Once we get their approval to give out their information, we will provide it to you. 

At the moment we can only provide in-home care at the client’s house, and we just feel it is much better for the pet to be in his/her own environment. That way they are less likely to become stress. 

Yes. For daily walks and pet visits, we recommend that we have a copy of the key.

The only people who will have copies of your keys will be the owner of Wiggle Waggle Tails (in case of emergency), and your pet sitter.

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