Pet Photography

Even though I am a pet sitter, I am also a pet photographer and pet videographer. I love to get those “In the Moment” shots of pets. I feel it’s important to have great photos of your furry family members, especially when they become seniors. My late Jack and I were photographed during his cancer treatments. I felt it was important to get recent photos of us because I knew he wouldn’t be around much longer and I am glad I did it.  When they cross over to the Rainbow Bridge, all we have are pictures and wonderful memories, and that’s why I like to help my clients capture a moment in time that they can cherish forever.

All the work I do for Wiggle Waggle Tails is dedicated to Jack. He is my inspiration as many others who have put paw prints on my heart. And I hope our viewers can see that through some of these photos on this page.

Please enjoy our pet photography and if you are interested in having your pet photographed, please message me through our contact page.